Conference in Environmental Psychology at INN Lillehammer

26 06 2017

Lillehammer, 29th – 30th November 2017

Aims of the conference
• To promote research within environmental psychology and related disciplines as well as practical applications of these fields
• To provide experienced researchers in the people environment research field the possibility of an annual professional and social meeting, and to present their research
• To provide the opportunity for students to gain experience with presenting scientific work and receive feedback from experienced researchers in environmental psychology
• To advance the communication between environmental psychology and other areas of research within psychology and the social sciences, as well as between researchers and practitioners
Key-note speakers
Maria Johansson, Lund University: An environmental psychology perspective on human interaction with large carnivores
Aslak Fyhri, Institute of Transport Economics: Nudging and transport behaviour– let’s fight back the economists!
Gisela Böhm, University of Bergen: Climate adaption: How do people perceive and respond to climate change?
Monica Lundh, Chalmers: Pro-environmental behaviour, work environment and safety climate in the Swedish merchant fleet
29th of November: Workshops on topics such as how to design interventions to promote pro-environmental behaviour, and on the interface between environmental psychology, organizational psychology and green innovation.
30th of November: Key-notes, presentations and poster sessions.
Who can attend?
We welcome students and researchers to participate in the conference, either by presenting papers orally (15 minutes), presenting posters, or by attending without presenting.
Call for Papers
The conference will include poster and oral presentations and we welcome submissions of abstracts for theoretical as well as empirical work. There will be short oral presentations of the posters at the poster sessions.
Registration and abstract submission
Deadline for abstract submission is 15th of October 2017. Please state if you prefer a poster or oral presentation.
The abstract should contain 1) the title of the presentation, 2) name and affiliation of authors(s), 3) name of presenter, 4) a summary of maximum 300 words about the work, 5) three to five key words, and 6) information whether poster/paper will be in Norwegian or English.

Topics include, but are not restricted to:
• Environmental psychology and applied environmental psychology
• Traffic behavior and travel mode choice
• Greening organizations
• Environmental behavior and consumer behavior
• Environmental risk perception and risk management
• Psychological aspects of resource management and crises
• Architectural psychology: work, school and residential environments
• Place, place attachment, and place identity
• Environmental quality, noise and lighting
• Restorative environments
• Social use of space: crowding, privacy, territoriality, personal space

Conference languages
The conference languages are Norwegian and English. All abstracts will be included into the book of abstracts and should preferably be written in English.

Organizing Committee
Inge Brechan, Ingeborg Flagstad, Katinka Horgen Evensen,
Leif Rydstedt, Reidulf Watten, Svein Åge Kjøs Johnsen
Research group in Environmental Psychology, INN Lillehammer

Aga Skorupka, Aslak Fyhri, Åshild Lappegard Hauge
Norwegian Network for Environmental Psychology




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